About the One Pass Mold Blaster™ (OPMB)

opmb, one pass mold blaster cleans dirty sidewalks faster than any hand-held pressure washerContinually fighting mold & mildew has been a dirty, tedious,
and labor intensive job… UNTIL NOW!

No more round-the-clock teams of workers

No more aching backs or work injuries

No more pressure drop

No more inefficiency

No more harsh chemicals


OPMB Design Features:

 Engineered to reduce time, manpower, and fatigue.

Cutting-Edge Specs:

  • Detachable 4′ and 5′ front-mount surface cleaning deck
  • High performance Kohler engine
  • Shorter hoses for maximum hitting impact
  • Custom spray tips for optimal cleaning angle, flow, and pressure
  • 535 gallon poly water tank with quiet ride &  stabilizing technology

Nothing before has come close to its effectiveness! Engineered for performance, the OPMB is designed with an amazing detachable front-mount surface cleaning deck. Boasting a powerful Kohler engine, and shorter, more effective hoses, the OPMB consistently performs with ultra high P.S.I. force and water pressure to assure zero loss of hitting impact.

No detail has been overlooked. The One Pass Mold Blaster™ even incorporates baffle ball technology to minimize sloshing and provide a smooth and comfortable ride, while continually maintaining consistent space between the sprayer tips and all surfaces.

Curb Attachment: The OPMB’s powerful 5 turbo-tip Curb Attachment is designed to clean a variety of angled curbs and surfaces, and comes standard with each One Pass Mold Blaster™.  Additional attachments may also be purchased.

Less Labor • Faster Cleaning • Exceptional Results


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